Simple media solutions today, help the "Solopreneur" start up faster, run more efficiently, because they are:

Easy to set up and run; More rewarding than corporate work, and Less expensive for you than other methods.

Because, I believe 21st century entrepreneurs want to change the world using proven strategies and the latest tactics, but are not sure where to start.

Welcome to the ywnh-media company.

Hi, my name is is FD Gifford, and this is my company. As it turns out, running a small media company is a lot like captaining a ship. The bigger the vessel, the more complicated it is to sail. Fortunately, in today's 21st century economy, you can use a virtual crew and new skills, to help get you to all your destinations.

I would be happy to help you lead your own crew, and captain your own future. Click here to learn more, register for a Free Webinar, or join my virtual crew.



Study the operation of  “Vessels”  of the past

helps me guide

the Captains of the Future.

– The Sailing Vessel "Deep Sea"

I never imagined I would be able to do this either.